I have experience as (1) a litigation consultant on psychological issues in the courtroom, (2) an expert witness on sources of error and unreliability in eyewitness memory, (3) an expert on implicit bias and anti-prejudice interventions, and (4) a consultant for law enforcement and government agencies on topics within the social and behavioral sciences.

My additional areas of expertise in psychology and law and political psychology include:

  • jury selection and decision-making

  • eyewitness lineup construction and administration procedures

  • cross-racial eyewitness identifications

  • police interrogations and false confessions

  • implicit bias and sources of error in social judgment

  • political communication and messaging

  • conspiracy theories

  • sociopolitical orientations and ideology

  • public policy analysis

If you are in need of an expert in psychology and law or political psychology, please contact me at joseph.vitriol@gmail.com.